Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Light Grid in the market!

Well, I just uploaded my first live wallpaper to the market last week - Light Grid.  It's already at about 5000 downloads, and it's still climbing.  Thanks to everyone who's checked it out!

AppBrain link


  1. app not available in the market on my phone (samsung i5500, eclair), probably because of my small screen resolution (qvga). if you could provide me the apk i would test it for you to see if it works on my screen. feel free to send the apk to my e-mail! tnx

  2. I also get a "The requested item could not be found." Any chance you would post the APK here?

  3. I've just posted about getting Light Grid directly from me - http://jokointeractive.blogspot.com/2010/09/not-seeing-light-grid.html

  4. Just wanted to say what a great job you've done with Light Grid. Since it's one of my favorites, I decided to review it and post the review on my Android site.

    Great work! Keep it up!